Monday, October 7, 2013




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I have been working on this "L' for forever!  It surprised me when I realized how intense it is to paint Lollipops!  I'm serious, it's amazing.....
 I have creating these paper mache letters with interesting designs for a time now.  I am working on my "M' already.....  a flower theme I think.  I know most of you know this next section, but this is what I added to my new blog on wordpress, so I thought I'd let you see it too.  Aren't I sweet?

Here are some of the previous letters I've completed and now are for sale at D in Lace completed elephants earth and elderberries F  for fence with pretty flower Gerbera Daisy G Heather H Ivy I
And, just to add a little side bar, I have also done a few that have been for individuals.... 100MEDIA_IMAG0776 Amelias A Blairs B the one that started it all Scot and JessicaK J
Halloween can not be missed also, so here are my contributions to Halloween 2013
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Boy that spider H is blurry.  I tried to find the clear one, but I haven't got all day.  If I find it later, I will give it the attention it deserves....  It's really cute!Jack J Here it is!  Told you it was cute!

Oh, Oh,  just wait til Thanksgiving!  I have something great coming up! 

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