Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art work for the October "Book of the Month"

The Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Written by Linda Williams, illustrated by Megan Lloyd 

"Two shoes go Clomp, Clomp

One pair of pants go Wiggle, Wiggle 

One shirt go Shake, Shake

Two gloves go Clap, Clap

One hat go  Nod, Nod

And the scarey pumpkin head go  Boo, Boo! "
"I'm not afraid of you," said the little old lady bravely.

     This is my rendition of the drawing done by Megan Lloyd.  I don't want to spoil the ending, but this is where after being chased through the woods by all these various parts of a "Scarecrow", these individual parts come to the Old ladies house, Knock on the door.... so as not to add an element of fear....cause with the lines like I typed earlier, some children are laughing hysterically.    Any hoot, the poor parts are so upset that they did not scare this little old lady, they then start to moan about not having a purpose in life.  That is when the old lady suggest they become "her" scarecrow and sends them to the garden.  End of story!  Ha!  I bet that was not what you expected, I know.  But, the kids absolutely love this book and it's perfect with Halloween coming!  

   This is about all I've done creatively this week.  It took a pretty good while and it is rather large.  Something like 38 x 14.  Or something like that.  It's going on the wall when we read the book beginning Tuesday.  

   Since this has come to a close, I will begin some other portraits, finally finish my "Lollipop L"  and begin an "M" don't know what to do yet?  And, begin a project I'm doing for Thanksgiving.  


ps - I typed the excerpt just as it was written in the book.  Which is disappointing somewhat.  The reason you ask..... I wonder if you can find the grammatical errors in the excerpt?   I wasnt going to change anything, because it's not my book, but when you are attempting to teach kids how to spell, it generally isn't a good idea to give them a book with grammatical errors.  Or, it may just be me.  But, I'm pretty sure it is.  an error that is? 

   What a life the scarecrow has.... and the one in the book thought that little old lady was doing it a favor.  Ha!  This photo is not from the book, it's Pinterest of course.  Ha!   

   More later......

pss - I also started a WordPress blog called, "AllBeckysCreations", ha!  Bet you didn't guess.  I will not stop this one.... yet.  But, my sister Debby told me I would get a bigger audience, so I'm going to try it out.  

Tootle do!  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekends full of art....!


I know I showed you my latest portrait of Papa yesterday, but I have not been able to pull myself away from the tweaking all weekend.  

This is my last time.  It's done!  I will move on to another portrait now, and leave this one as it is.... but I did want to show you my last tweak.... I promise, it's my last!  

The paper is much to weak at this point to continue, so I've decided to hide this in a closet somewhere, so it is hard to get to.  That way maybe I will leave it alone.  


That's not all I've been doing.  I have also worked on my "Lollipop L" , broken out of the box to complete a "Paper P".  Started working on my banner for our October book, "The Little Old Lady who was not afraid of anything".  I'm not going to show you my book banner, because it's just lightly drawn on the banner so you probably wouldn't be able to make anything out from a photo.  


But, here is the out of order "Paper P" -  Ta Da!   

As you can probably see, it is covered in paper.  Craft paper, old algebra books paper and not to leave some part of my childhood out I also attached some paper dolls.  I mean after all, what would a paper P be without paper dolls?  I hate to think...  Oh, yeah..... some pictures of Shirley Temple too.  Can't leave Shirley off my P.  


I have also been painting my "Lollipop L".  It's is taking time due to the use of puffy paint.  But, I don't know about you, but a painted lollipop without some puff is boring!  Don't ya think?  Puffy paint does not dry as fast as acrylic paint.  


I'm just about done, but that chocolate and the swirled lollipops are taking "forever" to dry.  Ugh!  

I'm painting lollipops all over this L.  Of course not on the bottom, but every where else.  Why you ask?  " I just really don't know what got into me, but when I finished the front, I said...."You aren't done Becky, paint the back".  So, I did.   

   I actually think this is turning out quite nicely.  This is a 12 inch letter, much bigger than most of the ones I did at first, but there is a lot more room for creative expression, so I like it. 

  It is such a girly lollipop, but I'm kinda girly too!  


And of course I know you want to know what George was doing while I was busy with all this art...... 

wondering when Mommy would be done.....

Now I don't know where Schroedie has been, but I fussed at him this morning and I haven't seen much of him since.  Of course, what he did scared him too finally.... Ha! 

Ok, I know my hand was a shakin in the second, but this wasn't the first time he tried this stunt, and I was a little beside myself since he almost lost his footing.  I was so afraid he was going to break the curtain rod and tear my home made curtains.  Him, I was not worried about, he has most of his 9 lives left since we rescued him and he was going to fall on a fluffy leather chair.  


                         I'm not completely ruthless.  


Blair and I will be leaving on a shopping and ice cream eating adventure when the Titans game is over, so I will leave you this "First Fall"  weekend until my next creative adventure.  
Chow!  Ha! 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting there!

Beginning to look more like Papa...... 

I think the eyes are too big.  I've worked on the general shape of his face.  The shadows and lines around his mouth, ears and eyes.... but his eyes.... I don't think they are small enough and maybe up a little to high.... 

  Hey, I'm getting there!   ( He no longer looks like an old hispanic man! )  Ha!  

Lord, this is blurry.  I'll have to try again before it goes on Etsy!  Whew!  

                                                       "She was a shakin....!"  Ha! 

Any Hoot!  This is another halloween "H".  Spiders building webs.  8 inch paper mache letter with puffy paint.  

I'm still working on the 12inch "L".  Lollipop's are monotonous.  So many swirls, and loops!  Ha!  

Also painted some ponies on some little people hats, ( we are the Glendale Ponies) I forgot to take pictures of them.... Ut Oh, sorry!  The said little people did not want to wear them, or I would have taken a picture of them with the hats on.  Some people are so unappreciative.  Ha! 

I will be starting my big drawing for the October book at school.  "The Little Lady who was not afraid of anything."  A favorite of any child I have ever seen.  I'll remember to take a picture of it when I'm done.  

I still have not started the actual shirt to go with my pajama's yet, after that it's off to make some more purses and aprons.  

Chow for now.....! 


Monday, September 2, 2013

on to Fall.......!


Yipee!  I am so excited that this crazy summer is about to come to a close.  Between the "very" hot weather and the rain, I'm soggy, growing vines and tired!  

 Ha!  none of that is true..... just like to exaggerate to emphasis my mood!  

 My week has been wild.... first I completed a pair of pj's for myself......  
light flannel, long pants with camisole.
This was a terrific time.  I love learning to sew.  It is a great satisfaction when you get to see the finished product.  Of course, when I first started to sew the pants, (my first pants)  I initially pinned them so that they looked like they would go on a one legged oompa lumpa.  But, hence....
Barbara asked me a few questions about the instructions I read, and I got my brain in function once again.  She is a great teacher!  

While I was sewing, I tried to run a couple of loads of clothes..... tried is an operable word.  Every load that wasn't large, (how many large loads can a single person have? NONE!)  Well, when the washer would go into it's final cycle, it went off balance.  I opened the top to find suds!  Lots of Suds!  Thinking that was highly strange, but needing to finish, I balanced and started machine again.  Well, low and behold.... the dial changed to the wash cycle again?  It finished the load, but it was strange.  

Not wanted to make things worse, I set out to find out who all sold and serviced these machines.  ( I must add right now that this washer has been in the Burnette family for 10 years, with never a problem..... til now).  Well, much to my dismay I discovered that the manufacturer was a Australian company and the only store to repair was where we bought it.  I went to the store to find out how much it would be to repair and when they could fix it.  The total for repairs is going to run around $300.00.  Ouch! Well, since this seems way high, I set out to see if I could find a cheaper machine new, no such luck!  Ugh!  Oh well, the repairman will be here next Friday and I'll have my washer back.  Until then, I use the laundry room here at the apartments.  Better than going to a laundry mat.  

Then,  Schroeder found a hold in the subfloor near the sliding glass door in the den.  Just a little hole, but a hole none the less.  He found it pulling on the carpet, trying to get on the deck with me.  I went to the office to let them file a maintenance ticket it on it.  The manager said she would send someone over to check it out.  Last week I got a note saying that the survey had been done and "I" would have to move some of the furniture out of the way, so it could be fixed.  Since I didn't make this hole, but think it may have something to do with my freezing in the winter I asked if I could get some help from the maintenance crew.  

Of Course not!  Its too much of a liability concern, the maintenance crew isn't allowed to do that!  Ugh!  The saga will continue!  Of course my son has offered to come over weekend after next to help, but I just don't think it is fair!  

Ok, enough of my trials..... On to happier matters!  

I was incorrect last post.  Corduroy is not our book for September.... No, someone at the board got their wires crossed.  Fancy that!  

Our book for September is the Three Little Pigs.  

I'm sorry but I really don't feel this is an appropriate book for 3 year olds.  Three pigs go out into the world and get harassed by a wolf.  Said wolf tries to kill them, they instead kill the wolf

Too much killing for 3, 4 & 5 year olds.  They don't know how to tie their shoes, why learn about killing first!  But, we do what we are told!  

Of course,  I can not go without drawing my rendition of one of the scenes of the book, so here goes.  This author made the distinction in personalities of each pig a bit more defined.  

The first little pig said, "I'll buy your straw and build a house." 

 Just to make my drawings a bit more fun, I used crayon.  Crayon made the creations a lot easier to draw.  Don't tell my college professors.  Ha!  

                                  The first little pig of course is shown as a lazy pig.   

"I've got it," said the second pig, " I'll buy those sticks and build a house."

This interpretation shows the second pig somewhat festive.  It appears he is ready to "Party!"  

The third pig decided to buy some bricks.  "These bricks will make a fine and sturdy house." 

and, of course the third pig, being a rational mature and level headed pig, built the sturdy house.  

The disfunctional pigs were saved by their brother and all of them killed the evil bully.  "?" 

None the less, the drawings are done and I had fun doing them.  Notice I didn't bring up the wolf.  "Don't like the wolf."

The Three Little Pigs (Reading Railroad) by James Marshall (Oct 23, 2000)


I will be unveiling my halloween letters soon.  So excited!  Give me a day or two for all the paint and sealer to dry and I'll show them to you.  

I'm going to go in a little different direction after this and create words & sayings with my letters.  I think this is going to be great!   

Till next time, (found this on facebook, thought I would share!)
 Please feel free to leave any comments you would like to about my post, my art work, my views on literature, or yourself.  
  Tell you what, if you send me a comment, I will return my comment.  Communication is a wonderful thing.