Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My studio


















The Extra "bedroom"

 When I moved into my 2 bedroom apartment, I turned the extra bedroom into a guest room.  My daughter is an adult and lives in Nashville also, my parents are elderly and don't travel that much, so there was no one to use it.  I needed a place for my drawing table, so I converted the extra bedroom into a studio.  

 As you can tell, I have lots of corners where I have to keep supplies.  

I find that my creative juices flow better when I am surrounded with all my stuff.  I need it to be close in case I need some supplies in the middle of a creation.

As time has passed, my studio began to spread out all over the place.  In my normal living space, I could never allow this to happen, but for my art it is necessary and it is easy for me to go into that zone where I am the most creative.  

My sewing machine is downstairs in the living area.  With my new found attraction to the art of sewing, I am desperately trying to keep that area clean.  But, as time goes on, I may have to move the sewing upstairs.  "But where!" Eek.....  I'll have to take more of my storage items to Mom's house and move into the closet!  Ha!  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Surprise, I can sew!

I'm sewing, what about that!  

I have spent the past few weeks beginning to do some sewing.  

My neighbor, artist Barbara Clark who is a very gifted artist and clothes designer has taken it upon herself to show me the ropes.  And she says I'm not a bad student.  

 I did this basic bag/purse pattern.  It is a open design where the top ties for easy carrying.  I did it in a basic muslin fabric.  I added a handmade applique on the front and back.  

The front is a pink background with butterfiles made from cotton fabric, felt and buttons.  There are 2 burlap flowers added to the large butterfly.


 The back applique is cotton.  I embroidered both appliques and attached to bag during the sewing process.  

I was so very happy with the results, and Barbara said I was a great student.  

My mother was always a master semstress, so maybe I inherited a gene or two.  

I actually made some sachet bags early on with the intent of giving them as Christmas present bonuses.  But, with my busy schedule I didn't get them completed in time.  

I have actually given away a few as presents, so all is not lost.  They are filled with yummy lavendar, to make drawers and undies smell so good.  Ha!  

I wanted to add a blog spot from a friend of mine at Etsy!  Check it out.... so many beautiful things to choose from. 

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Old World gift box


Old World gift box

Old World gift box Old World gift box Old World gift box
Are you looking for that one of a kind gift for that special someone. Look no further, I have created this one of a kind stationery gift box.

An original one of a kind custom stationery kit. I created the paper mache' box to look like an antique book.
Note cards and a pen are included in the set. The note cards are stamped with a handcrafted linoleum stamp.

This is a one of a kind set that will not be replicated.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Out the back door


A friend of mine took a photograph out her back door as a storm was ensuing.  She added this photo to her facebook page.  When I saw it I asked if she would mind if I drew it.  
   This is a mixed media drawing.  I incorporated both acrylic paint and colored pencil to create this piece.  

    This is a 8x10 Giclee print.  $175.00.  Please allow 2 weeks to process and mail. 



I have been wanting to draw a picture of the skyline of Nashville.  In this drawing I decided to create a sky that was turbulent, as if to suggest a storm was approaching.  

I originally did it because I wanted to make a bold statement, but after I began drawing, it took me back to our flood.  And, it reminds me of our strength in our turmoil.  Coming together as neighbors and friends, because we all needed each other.


This drawing is a 8x10, it will be sold as a Giclee print for $200,00.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.  






My Country Road series

 Kellum Valley, Ga.  
    A community, neighborhood right beside the North Georgia National Forest.  In my opinion one of the most beautiful area's in the state.  

    I have family that own a cabin in these North Georgia mountains and I go there quite frequently to rest and  recharge.  

    As I walk through this valley I sometimes take pictures of the area and on one very beautiful summer day last year I took some photo's of the roads where I went walking.  

As I walk through this valley, it amazes me all the nuances of the landscape.  There are miles of green grass pastures, and miles of shady mountain paths.  No matter where you are, it seems that you can hear the babbling of the creek.  The most peaceful succulent atmosphere.  

   Drawing this pictures was almost as relaxing as the walks I take.  There isn't a neighbor or passer by that won't wave to you or ask you if you are lost. 


Right on the edge of the forest you can find homes new & old snuggled in the hills, fields with horse and cow, dogs running along side as if they to want to go exploring.  


These drawings will sell for $165.00 each or as a set for $450.00.  There will be a 2 week turnover for shipping and handling.