Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My studio


















The Extra "bedroom"

 When I moved into my 2 bedroom apartment, I turned the extra bedroom into a guest room.  My daughter is an adult and lives in Nashville also, my parents are elderly and don't travel that much, so there was no one to use it.  I needed a place for my drawing table, so I converted the extra bedroom into a studio.  

 As you can tell, I have lots of corners where I have to keep supplies.  

I find that my creative juices flow better when I am surrounded with all my stuff.  I need it to be close in case I need some supplies in the middle of a creation.

As time has passed, my studio began to spread out all over the place.  In my normal living space, I could never allow this to happen, but for my art it is necessary and it is easy for me to go into that zone where I am the most creative.  

My sewing machine is downstairs in the living area.  With my new found attraction to the art of sewing, I am desperately trying to keep that area clean.  But, as time goes on, I may have to move the sewing upstairs.  "But where!" Eek.....  I'll have to take more of my storage items to Mom's house and move into the closet!  Ha!