Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Country Road series

 Kellum Valley, Ga.  
    A community, neighborhood right beside the North Georgia National Forest.  In my opinion one of the most beautiful area's in the state.  

    I have family that own a cabin in these North Georgia mountains and I go there quite frequently to rest and  recharge.  

    As I walk through this valley I sometimes take pictures of the area and on one very beautiful summer day last year I took some photo's of the roads where I went walking.  

As I walk through this valley, it amazes me all the nuances of the landscape.  There are miles of green grass pastures, and miles of shady mountain paths.  No matter where you are, it seems that you can hear the babbling of the creek.  The most peaceful succulent atmosphere.  

   Drawing this pictures was almost as relaxing as the walks I take.  There isn't a neighbor or passer by that won't wave to you or ask you if you are lost. 


Right on the edge of the forest you can find homes new & old snuggled in the hills, fields with horse and cow, dogs running along side as if they to want to go exploring.  


These drawings will sell for $165.00 each or as a set for $450.00.  There will be a 2 week turnover for shipping and handling.