Sunday, July 28, 2013

That's not your Grandfather!

   Sometimes it's just better to stop and start over again.......

Mainly because that's just not my grandfather.  "I'm sorry Papa, I'm gonna start over and try one more time."   And, I'm making this vow to myself.  I'm going to keep on keeping on until I get it right. 

ps - I'm some what of a Beatles fanatic, so this is not the last exerpt you will see.  I just know it.  So many things from that movie that apply to life.  So many!  But just saying, my grandfather was a better looking gentleman that the one in the movie.... just saying.


Friday, July 26, 2013



Ugh!  I woke up this am thinking that I would work on my portrait of Papa.  It is Friday, I'm relaxed and rested, why not.  

                                     Mouths, that's why!  

Ugh!  again..........

I must remind myself that this is my first serious attempt to draw a face in Years.  But, OMG!  this measurement nonsense.... OMG!  I never realized what a large forehead my grandfather had.  I did not inherit that trait... (Thank God!)    And he has the thinest lips.... I'm going to wear a hole in this paper before long erasing and redoing.  Ugh!  

At one time I had his eyes so wide he looked like an alien.  Ha!  I hope he isn't watching this from heaven.  If he is.... "I'm trying Papa, try to be patient with me." 

My daughter Blair said she would help me with the mouth.  Mouths are her thing, well.... music is her thing, but if she still did art work. ( she is really good ) then mouths would be her thing.  Ha!  Does that make sense?  Hope so!  

I must remind myself, this is my first.  No one starts out being a pro!  well, Blair did.  ( and she won't draw/paint any more.  That  music ( and a boyfriend) are just all she can handle. )  I digress...  any hoot.... I'm working on it, but today I think I'm going to paint lollipops.  Those are harmless!  I can also sell them on my Etsy shop,  

I wouldn't even try to sell this first attempt at a portrait.  Well, Mom might buy it.  I mean I am her baby.  But, I want it.  I want to savor my progress.  That is a very positive statement, isn't it?  Good for me.  

I will let ya'll savor my progress as well.  So, stay tuned....

ps - I guess you noticed already that I changed the layout of my blog, this one looked neater and balanced.  Easier on the eyes, you know.  

More later........ 


Oh yeah, look down.... my comments section is very easy now!  Hallelujah!  I'm getting more and more savvy on this computer.  Haha!   

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What am I up to?

A day in the life of Becky.......  


      I have somehow been in the habit lately of doing my sewing on the weekend and doing other things during the week.  Not a bad schedule if you ask me.  ( I don't know how this will work once school begins next week)  During the summer, it has worked very well.  


    I will explain that it took so long to complete the paper mache "K" that starting a new letter is a tad bit exciting.  Especially since I've had in my mind where I wanted to go with it for a good while.   

   As you can see, I have been experimenting again.  

    I wanted to do my "L" with lollipops on it.  Not the lollipops of today with action hero's as the pop.  I wanted the old fashion lollipops that I use to walk to the store and get for a penny, at the most 5cents.  

   I've had some heavy gel staring at me for a good while now, so I thought... (dangerous) that it might be nice to lift a few of the lollipops up off the letter a bit.  

I tried some gel on a piece of paper first to see how long it took to dry.  ( a long time.  You know what they say about watching a pot  come to a boil) but being the person I am, I decided to give it a try.... I must say it is hard getting gel just where you want it, and removing when I got it somewhere I didn't want it.  


   Now, I wait.... and wait...... and wait.  But, I'm hoping when it's done and I can paint the lollipops, it will come out "Oh so cute!"  


   On to more projects.........


   Ever since I was a girl taking art lessons, I have had this phobia about doing portraits.  I don't know why exactly, except the measurements were just too much.  They never came out like they were suppose to, and since I don't have a lot of patience when my art is concerned, I stopped trying.  Well, I'm an adult now.  You might say that I put drawing a portrait on my "bucket list"  so here I go again.  I have turned into a somewhat patient person and I'm full of new ideas and new experiences, I am stubborn.  So, here I go again.  

   Crazy me decided to try my hand at a portrait of my late grandfather.  The photo is a black and white and it was from a photograph when he was middle aged.  

   Ok, I'm gonna do this if it takes the rest of my life, and I've been put in a straight jacket.  If others can do it lickety split, so can I!  So there.......

my rendition of Papa!

      Then, I got this wild hair to do a still life..... How many hours are in a day?  Not enough..... so I got out some nice things, placed them in a box with a pink silk nightgown from my late grand mothers closet and voila, a still life.  

  I took a black and white to make sure I got the values of dark vs. light correct.   


I am very excited about all these projects.  Talking myself into understanding they may all take a while, but in the meantime, it will be fun and enlightening and I will gain strength and confidence in myself and my abilities.  And, last but not least, I will discover that I can do a portrait!  Easy peasy.  Well, maybe not easy, but I can do it!  A lot of old voices in my head to shut up! 
   Trying to see what I've already drawn may be too much for anyone with glasses, it is me... but I thought I would show you I have started.  


   My summer has been spent doing art projects, sewing... what I intended when school let out.  But, I have also read, played, "dated"  and I sit on my deck a great deal since my tax refund allowed me to do it up a bit.  

   Next week begins another school year and I will be starting at a new school.  (very excited) So, my summer break is coming to an end.  I will not be sad, I have a lot of very happy memories and I will never forget the kids from my past.  And, I have lots of new children to meet.  And lots of art work to complete.  My life couldn't get any better! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Market bag

Becky's Market bag...

   Introducing my first market bag to my Etsy shop.....

Large Cotton 13 x 15 x 11 inch Market Bag

Large Cotton 13 x 15 x 11 inch Market Bag
Large Cotton 13 x 15 x 11 inch Market Bag Large Cotton 13 x 15 x 11 inch Market Bag Large Cotton 13 x 15 x 11 inch Market Bag
A large 13 x 15 x 11 inch cotton market bag, fully lined in beige cotton. Made to be durable and sturdy. A pocket on the outside and inside. Excellent for shopping, but also can be quite useful for anything from everyday bag, beach bag, carrying sundries to work, diaper bag. You name it, and it has plenty of room for just about anything you might need to carry anywhere. The blue, green and beige colors are very versatile and look marvelous with jeans, as they would with khaki as well.

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

Ships from United States

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

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United States $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Everywhere Else $7.00 USD $7.00 USD

Payment methods

    AllBeckysCreations accepts credit cards and Etsy Gift Cards.
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$40.00 USD
Only 1 available
AllBeckysCreations accepts Etsy Gift Cards.


Shop owner

Becky Burnette

   I previously made myself a market bag and just love it.  I've used it as an everyday bag, market bag and I carried some drawings supplies to my parents at my last visit.  Very deep and roomy inside, with pockets for small items.  Very strong and durable fabric and construction.   

   I have enjoyed my creative and busy summer so much.  I have 5 more days of total creativity before school starts back.  There is more to come!

Thanks for stopping by...... 



Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Stuff

Finally finished!  "Yay!" 


I have been working on this letter "K", oh such a long time.  I never intended for it to take that long, but I decided to experiment a little with the design. 

I wondered what it would happen if I mixed it up a bit by gluing a 8" letter to a 12".  This is it!  Ha! 

Then I thought to move on with my theme of painting things that begin with the letter, so the only thing that kept popping in my head, Kaleidoscope.  Boy, was I in for a long journey.... I found myself going cross eyed after about 45 minutes (at the most) into working on it each day.  Finally after quite some time, I put it aside for a time.  It didn't take long to finish once I started back, but it was a good thing to take a break.

This is a canvas tote, like so many out there, but I did something I have never done before.  

I decided I wanted to try my hand at tie-dye once again, I haven't done it since college.  But, I wanted to dye it right then and there, since I didn't have any dye around the apartment, I wondered what I could do.   I have been buying a lot of fruit to put in smoothies since Blair bought me a "Very Nice Blender" for Mothers Day this year.  

I went to the internet to look up how to make dyes out of fruit.  Ta da.....!  I had a very large amount of strawberries, so I decided on pink!  

There is a delicate amount of tie dye in pink and white, and I placed two cloth flowers to add just the right amount of femininity for both women and girls alike.  Really love the way it turned out!

School begins week after next.  This summer has been filled with so many art projects.  Sewing lessons and  creative juices that I will miss so much!  I have realized that when art is in my life and when I surround myself with creative thought, Life is Oh So Wonderful! 
Self portrait, (sort of...) Just call me gopher cheeks!  Ha! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Simpler Life: [Happiness.....]

A Simpler Life: [Happiness.....]:   You have everything you need... Right now... You are what you have been waiting for... .....Danielle LaPorte Today it hit...

Posting comments to my blog. . .

Okay lets start over...... 

Posting comments to my blog. . .

  Go to the bottom of the page on my latest post.  You will see

I really appreciate everyone for being patient with me and taking the time to come by and visit.  
Or you can click  "home".....  


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blogger: AllBeckysCreations - Post a Comment

Blogger: AllBeckysCreations - Post a Comment

Posting comments to my blog. . .

I am so sorry it is so difficult to figure out.... 

                  Go to the bottom of the page on my latest post.  You will see

I really appreciate everyone for being patient with me and taking the time to come by and visit.  

Just call me the bag lady.....

Bags & Purses........! 

     My Mom was a master seamstress.  When I got married she made all my bridesmaid gowns and made my entire trousseau, including my unmentionables....  I watched her sew and thought to myself, how much I would love to be able to myself.  In Home Economic classes in Junior High and High School, I tried feverishly to sew myself, but it just didn't work.  I remember the disappointment I felt.  I was so hoping it was a heredity thing.  


   I tried making my son a pair of pajama's when he was a baby.  I called Mom several times to find out what the instructions were saying?  I couldn't even figure how to get the pj's on Trey when I was done.  I never tried again.  


   Then I moved in next door to Barbara Clark.  She creates Alter-Couture and can sew very well. According to Barbara, she said, " I just know you could sew great, if you would let me teach you, Trey was a baby a long time ago. "  So, I decided to take her up on it and we went out and bought materials and a couple of patterns.  

   I learned to make sachet bags, cosmetic bags first.  I thought that was quite easy.  Then I moved on to dog pillow's.  I was thrilled with the finished product. 

   In previous post's I have shown my handy work, and I am quite proud of myself for picking it up so easily this time.        

Maturity does wonder for a person. 


   I had canvas bag's that I bought to paint on. Instead of painting I decided to stamp some circles and see what happened.  After I stamped and spray painted circles, I wasn't happy with the color, I decided to try a little orange dye.  
                            " Voila!"

            I was quite pleased with the finished product. 


   Last week I cut out some patterns for purse's and bag's.  Yesterday, I set out to finish the hobo bag. I used the material from a vintage table cloth.  

    I am so very pleased with the outcome.  And, it was rather easy!  Ha!  So Happy!   I lined it with a very soft, sturdy cotton fabric. It also has a reinforced base, so when filled it will stand up instead of flopping over. 

   Last week Babara and I set out to design our own pattern for a purse.  She does this all the time with her alter-couture clothes, and said she wanted to start training me how to do this.  So, with Barbara's insight and experience, I set out to create my own "AllBeckysCreations"  introductory purse. 


    I had a great deal of material left over after I made "George's pillow" ( refer to a previous post).  So, I thought that summer was an excellent time to introduce the nautical design.  It is a very durable fabric and completely lined with a sturdy cotton fabric.  (Very soft too!) I used a small cord and button to secure the top. I had previously made a cosmetic pouch of the same material, (fully lined) and I used some piping around the seam.  I decided to sell both as a package for $57.50 and if sold separately the purse is $50.00 and the cosmetic pouch is $15.00.  As you can see, there are savings buying both together.   Check out my Etsy shop at -

   As you can see, Saturday July 13th was a very productive day.  And it was so much fun!  I am so proud of myself, and so thankful for Barbara.                         



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sewing up a Storm.... Ha!

Living room curtains and pillow!

    Since Schroeder completely demolished my last set of very thin living room drapes, I got this wild hair.  Since I have done so well with my sewing thus far, why not make my own curtains!  Ha! Just because it may be "cheaper" than store bought curtains, that does not mean that it is inexpensive.  No, no, no! 
With the exception of dealing with "So Much Fabric", it was really a pretty simple process.  Of course I opted for a pretty simple design.  No puffy valances, or nonsense like that.  Ha! 

 One thing that I didn't consider when I initially started planning for this curtain (drape), hardware, pull backs....?  Duh!  That can be quite expensive also.  A friend of mine introduced me to a wholesale fabric store that sales remnants all the time.  Wahla!  Instant gratification!  I got that very nice and expensive sash, for a song!  "Lucky, I think not!"  Blessed however, of course! 

Of course, there was enough fabric left for a pillow.  I couldn't just make a normal pillow, it had to have tassels... the pillow went together lickity split!  I am so proud of myself!  

                            from here, the sky is the limit!         

  Oh, guess what.... I figured out how to attach a place where you can make comments!  I am slowing but surely becoming more acquainted with this blogger stuff.  Ha, Ha!