Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just call me the bag lady.....

Bags & Purses........! 

     My Mom was a master seamstress.  When I got married she made all my bridesmaid gowns and made my entire trousseau, including my unmentionables....  I watched her sew and thought to myself, how much I would love to be able to myself.  In Home Economic classes in Junior High and High School, I tried feverishly to sew myself, but it just didn't work.  I remember the disappointment I felt.  I was so hoping it was a heredity thing.  


   I tried making my son a pair of pajama's when he was a baby.  I called Mom several times to find out what the instructions were saying?  I couldn't even figure how to get the pj's on Trey when I was done.  I never tried again.  


   Then I moved in next door to Barbara Clark.  She creates Alter-Couture and can sew very well. According to Barbara, she said, " I just know you could sew great, if you would let me teach you, Trey was a baby a long time ago. "  So, I decided to take her up on it and we went out and bought materials and a couple of patterns.  

   I learned to make sachet bags, cosmetic bags first.  I thought that was quite easy.  Then I moved on to dog pillow's.  I was thrilled with the finished product. 

   In previous post's I have shown my handy work, and I am quite proud of myself for picking it up so easily this time.        

Maturity does wonder for a person. 


   I had canvas bag's that I bought to paint on. Instead of painting I decided to stamp some circles and see what happened.  After I stamped and spray painted circles, I wasn't happy with the color, I decided to try a little orange dye.  
                            " Voila!"

            I was quite pleased with the finished product. 


   Last week I cut out some patterns for purse's and bag's.  Yesterday, I set out to finish the hobo bag. I used the material from a vintage table cloth.  

    I am so very pleased with the outcome.  And, it was rather easy!  Ha!  So Happy!   I lined it with a very soft, sturdy cotton fabric. It also has a reinforced base, so when filled it will stand up instead of flopping over. 

   Last week Babara and I set out to design our own pattern for a purse.  She does this all the time with her alter-couture clothes, and said she wanted to start training me how to do this.  So, with Barbara's insight and experience, I set out to create my own "AllBeckysCreations"  introductory purse. 


    I had a great deal of material left over after I made "George's pillow" ( refer to a previous post).  So, I thought that summer was an excellent time to introduce the nautical design.  It is a very durable fabric and completely lined with a sturdy cotton fabric.  (Very soft too!) I used a small cord and button to secure the top. I had previously made a cosmetic pouch of the same material, (fully lined) and I used some piping around the seam.  I decided to sell both as a package for $57.50 and if sold separately the purse is $50.00 and the cosmetic pouch is $15.00.  As you can see, there are savings buying both together.   Check out my Etsy shop at -

   As you can see, Saturday July 13th was a very productive day.  And it was so much fun!  I am so proud of myself, and so thankful for Barbara.                         



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