Friday, July 26, 2013



Ugh!  I woke up this am thinking that I would work on my portrait of Papa.  It is Friday, I'm relaxed and rested, why not.  

                                     Mouths, that's why!  

Ugh!  again..........

I must remind myself that this is my first serious attempt to draw a face in Years.  But, OMG!  this measurement nonsense.... OMG!  I never realized what a large forehead my grandfather had.  I did not inherit that trait... (Thank God!)    And he has the thinest lips.... I'm going to wear a hole in this paper before long erasing and redoing.  Ugh!  

At one time I had his eyes so wide he looked like an alien.  Ha!  I hope he isn't watching this from heaven.  If he is.... "I'm trying Papa, try to be patient with me." 

My daughter Blair said she would help me with the mouth.  Mouths are her thing, well.... music is her thing, but if she still did art work. ( she is really good ) then mouths would be her thing.  Ha!  Does that make sense?  Hope so!  

I must remind myself, this is my first.  No one starts out being a pro!  well, Blair did.  ( and she won't draw/paint any more.  That  music ( and a boyfriend) are just all she can handle. )  I digress...  any hoot.... I'm working on it, but today I think I'm going to paint lollipops.  Those are harmless!  I can also sell them on my Etsy shop,  

I wouldn't even try to sell this first attempt at a portrait.  Well, Mom might buy it.  I mean I am her baby.  But, I want it.  I want to savor my progress.  That is a very positive statement, isn't it?  Good for me.  

I will let ya'll savor my progress as well.  So, stay tuned....

ps - I guess you noticed already that I changed the layout of my blog, this one looked neater and balanced.  Easier on the eyes, you know.  

More later........ 


Oh yeah, look down.... my comments section is very easy now!  Hallelujah!  I'm getting more and more savvy on this computer.  Haha!   

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