Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sewing up a Storm.... Ha!

Living room curtains and pillow!

    Since Schroeder completely demolished my last set of very thin living room drapes, I got this wild hair.  Since I have done so well with my sewing thus far, why not make my own curtains!  Ha! Just because it may be "cheaper" than store bought curtains, that does not mean that it is inexpensive.  No, no, no! 
With the exception of dealing with "So Much Fabric", it was really a pretty simple process.  Of course I opted for a pretty simple design.  No puffy valances, or nonsense like that.  Ha! 

 One thing that I didn't consider when I initially started planning for this curtain (drape), hardware, pull backs....?  Duh!  That can be quite expensive also.  A friend of mine introduced me to a wholesale fabric store that sales remnants all the time.  Wahla!  Instant gratification!  I got that very nice and expensive sash, for a song!  "Lucky, I think not!"  Blessed however, of course! 

Of course, there was enough fabric left for a pillow.  I couldn't just make a normal pillow, it had to have tassels... the pillow went together lickity split!  I am so proud of myself!  

                            from here, the sky is the limit!         

  Oh, guess what.... I figured out how to attach a place where you can make comments!  I am slowing but surely becoming more acquainted with this blogger stuff.  Ha, Ha!        

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