Monday, June 24, 2013

A trip down memory lane...

back to my roots..... ( in more ways than one....)  


   I've spent so much time since moving out on my own learning new art forms and tricks of the trade, that I find it hard sometimes to do that thing that I love, the thing that I have been doing since I was a small child.  "DRAWING".  

   It's been so important to me to learn new things, and even when I find a subject that I want to draw, it somehow never happens.  

   On my last trip to Mom & Dad's during spring break of this past school year while looking through some of Dad's Georgia History books I ran across a picture of a very old run down gas station.  It took me back to a time as a child, before interstates when we would drive to Florida on two lane roads.  The only way I had to entertain myself was to day dream about the places we passed along the way.  

   I know there are probably thousands of these old run down gas stations all through this country, but there was something about this particular one in this magazine that cried out in memory of my childhood.  Maybe it was due to the memories it reminded me of, maybe it was because it reminded me of the drives down to Florida, up to North Carolina.  Or, maybe just maybe I had driven past this gas station once upon a time.  One day while day dreaming during a road trip... Whatever it was, it touched me and it had to be drawn.  

   It has taken quite a while to get started.... too many other projects started and not completed.  But, for my own sanity, I started drawing on Friday and I haven't been able to stray for long.  I placed it on my dining room table, and everytime I pass by I have to stop, take a look, make a few strokes of the pencil across the page.  

   I'm getting very excited about my first drawing in quite a while, so I thought I would stop and let you see how it's coming.  I know that may seem unorthodox, but it's me talking.  I'm not generally very orthodox, so why not!  Plus, I'm excited!  

So, here it is.....  I don't have a title yet.  Maybe, "Once Upon a Time".  


 It won't be long before you see it in my Etsy Shop 

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