Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joining Groups.....

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The Studio- a thriving artist community

This is a website for artist.  There are 131 members, of which I am included in that number.  

Art challenges, tutorials, workshops.... I really do believe I'm going to enjoy being a part of this wonderful community of artist's.  It will be a chance to learn a lot of new technique's and make a lot of good friends with people just like me.  Well, artist's like me.  


The Trodden Path



The Trodden Path is an artist community designed to energize and inspire you on your creative journey. It is a place for learning, loving, and sharing with others.
We have a diverse collection of online art classes that walk you through the process of projects from start to finish.

 I am really excited about these two new online communities for artist's.  I am especially excited that my art work was accepted into "The Trodden Path's Gallery.  I now have another venue for selling my work.  

I am progressing right along with my art and my outlets for creativity.  My one true love throughout my life was to be an artist, to sale my work and be known for how talented I was.  I'm getting there, and it is very exciting!