Thursday, June 6, 2013

Had to tell you something.....

Had to tell you something......

Gopher cheeks!


I don't know whether you can tell, but I feel like my cheek is about 2 sizes too big.  Ha!  On the happy side, I'm not feeling too bad.  

I really do need to do something with that hair, don't I?  Ha!  Just kidding!  

While recuperating yesterday Schroeder solidified his possession of the said pillow, of course George could not have cared less.  As he sat on the easy chair chomping on bones.  

By the end of the afternoon, I realized that George wasn't smelling too good?  By the time I got into bed at 9pm, it was more than I could take.... So, at 9:45 George took a bath!  
Plum tuckered out!

 By the time I was finished scrubbing his silly little body, he was good as gone.  He made a big ruckus on the floor for a time, but then he climbed into bed, (yes, with that some what wet body)  and completely collapsed. 

Of course, that gave Schroeder the idea of trying to play with him.... Schroeder pounced, George reared up and growled more ferocious that I have ever heard him growl and Schroeder slinked up to his pillow beside my head and sheepishly went to sleep.  

                                                   And that was our day, in a nutshell.