Saturday, June 1, 2013


My next door neighbor, a master semstress, has taken it upon herself to teach me to sew.  

As I said in my last post, my art studio is upstairs, and shows a whirlwind of activity.  Due to needed space, I had to place my new sewing machine in the dining room.  I had every intention of doing one project at a time, cleaning up afterwards, because I am rather particular about the living area's of my apartment. Well, "Not So Much!"  Ha!  

Barbara and I went shopping yesterday and I bought more fabric, notions, zippers...because we are learning makeup bags next.  Yipee!  And she will teach me soon the different techniques for sewing zippers and how to make button holes.   I am so excited!  

I have spent the past few days creating a doggie bed for George.  

I believe he will be very happy with his new napping bed, if Mommie can ever get it finished.  Ha!  It is extremely big and there is lots of ribbon involved.  

My initial reason for creating this bed was due to the renovations of my deck I have just completed over the last couple of months and I realized soon after that, George has no where to park it except hard wood floors.  That will never do!  So, Barbara has graciously helped me to begin this bed.  WOW!  Is It Big!  

I am painstakingly, and patiently stringing ribbon throughout the entire pillow.  Yeeks!  

And the notion of keeping the dining room clean.  Well, that flew out the window.  Ha!  

I have quite a mess here.  And, as all messes, I have got to clean up a bit.  So, I am taking the day off.  Mainly because learning to sew is a tedious and messy lesson in patience.   For me, but more importantly, due to her student, for Barb's.  Ha! 

Ha!  Look at this photo of my dining room.  Wow!  What A Mess!  That corner will never do!  No, no, no!  Ha!  

I won't show you pictures of the rest of the apartment.  No, no!  

But, on a lighter note, the pillow looks great.  And it's coming along nicely! 

As you can see, it's an undertaking, but I like the results.  I mean the results of finished products is what makes all the nuances of imperfection so worth it.   And, stringing ribbon around a large pillow, twice!  Oh Yeah!  is not a easy thing to do!

On a happy note, Barb's says I am a real good student.  I learn fast!  Ha!
At least I've got that going for me.

You will have to excuse me now, I have an apartment to clean up!