Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Surprise, I can sew!

I'm sewing, what about that!  

I have spent the past few weeks beginning to do some sewing.  

My neighbor, artist Barbara Clark who is a very gifted artist and clothes designer has taken it upon herself to show me the ropes.  And she says I'm not a bad student.  

 I did this basic bag/purse pattern.  It is a open design where the top ties for easy carrying.  I did it in a basic muslin fabric.  I added a handmade applique on the front and back.  

The front is a pink background with butterfiles made from cotton fabric, felt and buttons.  There are 2 burlap flowers added to the large butterfly.


 The back applique is cotton.  I embroidered both appliques and attached to bag during the sewing process.  

I was so very happy with the results, and Barbara said I was a great student.  

My mother was always a master semstress, so maybe I inherited a gene or two.  

I actually made some sachet bags early on with the intent of giving them as Christmas present bonuses.  But, with my busy schedule I didn't get them completed in time.  

I have actually given away a few as presents, so all is not lost.  They are filled with yummy lavendar, to make drawers and undies smell so good.  Ha!  

I wanted to add a blog spot from a friend of mine at Etsy!  Check it out.... so many beautiful things to choose from. 

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