Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art work for the October "Book of the Month"

The Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Written by Linda Williams, illustrated by Megan Lloyd 

"Two shoes go Clomp, Clomp

One pair of pants go Wiggle, Wiggle 

One shirt go Shake, Shake

Two gloves go Clap, Clap

One hat go  Nod, Nod

And the scarey pumpkin head go  Boo, Boo! "
"I'm not afraid of you," said the little old lady bravely.

     This is my rendition of the drawing done by Megan Lloyd.  I don't want to spoil the ending, but this is where after being chased through the woods by all these various parts of a "Scarecrow", these individual parts come to the Old ladies house, Knock on the door.... so as not to add an element of fear....cause with the lines like I typed earlier, some children are laughing hysterically.    Any hoot, the poor parts are so upset that they did not scare this little old lady, they then start to moan about not having a purpose in life.  That is when the old lady suggest they become "her" scarecrow and sends them to the garden.  End of story!  Ha!  I bet that was not what you expected, I know.  But, the kids absolutely love this book and it's perfect with Halloween coming!  

   This is about all I've done creatively this week.  It took a pretty good while and it is rather large.  Something like 38 x 14.  Or something like that.  It's going on the wall when we read the book beginning Tuesday.  

   Since this has come to a close, I will begin some other portraits, finally finish my "Lollipop L"  and begin an "M" don't know what to do yet?  And, begin a project I'm doing for Thanksgiving.  


ps - I typed the excerpt just as it was written in the book.  Which is disappointing somewhat.  The reason you ask..... I wonder if you can find the grammatical errors in the excerpt?   I wasnt going to change anything, because it's not my book, but when you are attempting to teach kids how to spell, it generally isn't a good idea to give them a book with grammatical errors.  Or, it may just be me.  But, I'm pretty sure it is.  an error that is? 

   What a life the scarecrow has.... and the one in the book thought that little old lady was doing it a favor.  Ha!  This photo is not from the book, it's Pinterest of course.  Ha!   

   More later......

pss - I also started a WordPress blog called, "AllBeckysCreations", ha!  Bet you didn't guess.  I will not stop this one.... yet.  But, my sister Debby told me I would get a bigger audience, so I'm going to try it out.  

Tootle do!  


  1. The drawing looks great!! The pumpkin and shoes in particular look awesome. Really nice!!

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