Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting there!

Beginning to look more like Papa...... 

I think the eyes are too big.  I've worked on the general shape of his face.  The shadows and lines around his mouth, ears and eyes.... but his eyes.... I don't think they are small enough and maybe up a little to high.... 

  Hey, I'm getting there!   ( He no longer looks like an old hispanic man! )  Ha!  

Lord, this is blurry.  I'll have to try again before it goes on Etsy!  Whew!  

                                                       "She was a shakin....!"  Ha! 

Any Hoot!  This is another halloween "H".  Spiders building webs.  8 inch paper mache letter with puffy paint.  

I'm still working on the 12inch "L".  Lollipop's are monotonous.  So many swirls, and loops!  Ha!  

Also painted some ponies on some little people hats, ( we are the Glendale Ponies) I forgot to take pictures of them.... Ut Oh, sorry!  The said little people did not want to wear them, or I would have taken a picture of them with the hats on.  Some people are so unappreciative.  Ha! 

I will be starting my big drawing for the October book at school.  "The Little Lady who was not afraid of anything."  A favorite of any child I have ever seen.  I'll remember to take a picture of it when I'm done.  

I still have not started the actual shirt to go with my pajama's yet, after that it's off to make some more purses and aprons.  

Chow for now.....! 


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