Sunday, October 14, 2012

F for Fence with pretty flowers

English: Paper Mache sculpture of person readi...
English: Paper Mache sculpture of person reading a book I accidentally stumbled across this stunning paper mache sculpture. Looking at the moss and lichen on it, it's been there a while. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    "F for Fence with pretty flower"

I'm constantly thinking of different ways to handle my letters.  I am working on painting some aprons and discovered that the white fabric paint works very well when I add to while and blue paint in clouds.  

I just couldn't resist placing a silk daisy behind the fence.  I was so tickled with the small silk flowers I added to the "D" I decided to continue with that thought for "F".  


I want my paper mache' letters to stand on their own, I would also love to add  diversity to my letters and as I start over adding 2nd additions, I will add more thoughts for themes. I believe this will allow all people to be hopefully be represented in my art work.  I want to fill the desires of as many people as I can. 

I will remind everyone once again, I will take commissioned orders. 

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