Wednesday, October 10, 2012

D in Lace


                                    " D in Lace " 

   I went rather bold with my D in this bright green paint.  I originally thought I would continue on with the painted lace, but I got a little side tracked one day when I went to lunch with a friend of mine.  

   We had lunch at The Picnic Cafe in Belle Meade, TN.  It is a very quaint and delightful place for a luncheon on a sunny afternoon.  


 The cafe places the prettiest little lace doillies on each dinner plate.  When I finished my meal I noticed that my doilly was still stain free, so I thought I might take it home to experiment painting on, in lieu of my new found obsession with painting lace.  This is what is the result of my experimentation.  I was rather pleased with the finished product. I topped it off with a big pink bow and a bunch of small white silk flowers and tiny little flowers along the left side. 

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