Sunday, August 4, 2013

These Eyes.....

These eyes........ ewe? 

I decided to start over with the portrait of  my grandfather, since Blair said it looked like a spanish gentleman.  As I've said before, "That's not my grandfather!" 

I took the photo of Papa and turned it upside down.  I decided after others, who know, told me it might be easier to draw upside down.  Left brain/right brain thing.....?  Well, it looks some better, as better goes.....but I'm still not convinced it looks like Papa.  Lordy, this is not easy!  

I realized somewhere along the way that the eyes were all wrong.  (All Wrong).  In the big scheme of things, it does look much better, but those eyes?  In my attempt to get everything even and in the correct place, I have either gone TooBig with the eyes, or too little. 

I know you may not be able to see the actual drawing very well, but take my word for it, it doesn't look too much like my grandfather either.  Although I'm getting better.  I think I will see this one to completion with shadows and all.  It will be fun!  And it goes along with my persistance at doing this until I get it right.  This journey is really pretty fun.  When I get frustrated, I remind myself that it is a journey.  I'll get there, just not today.  

"Are we there yet?"  

I thought I'd just throw that in, trying to be silly again.  


Oh yeah!  Look what I've been working on.  My Logo...!  So cool.  Not finished yet and it will be some time before I'll get to send it to a printer for inauguration, but I think it is nice.  

rough draft, you know.  


I will be having another artist interview soon.  I had asked April Cole to talk with me about her art, but I caught her right after a move out of state, so I'm waiting for things to settle down for her, but she is coming.... so get ready!  

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