Monday, August 20, 2012

 Another in my Letter series

This was done as a custom order for a 21st birthday present.  Amelia is an artistic soul herself who's favorite animal is elephants and her favorite flowers are Calla Lilly's.  

This is an 8" wooden letter painted white.  Amelia's Mom explained that it was more than important that the elephant's trunk be up, so I found a picture of an elephant enjoying a bathe under a waterfall and decided to capture it's playful enthusiasm as best i could. 

I really had no idea until this project that Calla Lilly's were so many different colors.  

I had originally wanted to paint the elephant in the lilly's, but using the "A" as a canvas made this a little difficult, so I decided on the base of the "A".  


I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the unwrapping of Amelia's birthday presents and was very excited to find out that Amelia loved her new "A". As you can see here, she has displayed it here with her other elephants on her elephant shelf.  A place of honor for someone who holds elephants in such high regard.  



You will be seeing my custom designs on my Etsy shop as time goes on.  I have another that will be complete in the next few weeks.  

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