Saturday, April 21, 2012

All About the Art


Getting Started

I asked my daughter how I should get started with my blog and she said, " Just write about what you want Mother", Ha!  At this very moment it  appears easier than feels.


I've been drawing since I was a young girl.  It just seemed to be the only thing that truly brought me joy.  

I remember asking my mother if I could take art lessons at the art gallery in my home town.  

So many times throughout my adult life family and friends have wondered why I did nothing with my art.  I have often wondered that myself.  


I majored in Art Education in the 70's.  When I graduated from college I started a family and my art education was a piece of paper hanging on the wall.  

I recently found myself divorce and I made the decision to focus on my creative strengths while building a new life for        myself.  I will be continuing to build my inventory as time and money allows.

As I'm building the inventory I decided to start this blog, partly since I saw so many others with blogs, but also to help me stay focused and build my circle of friends and supporters for strength and encouragement.