Sunday, September 9, 2012

         Creating the Wedding Present

Spray painting lace is really a lot of fun.  Each section you paint may not turn out as the others, so it is always rather exciting to see how your next one will look!  I tried to make sure that the scalloped edges were always placed in strategic areas that would enhance the overall piece.  

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a piece that would have both of the couples favorite colors in it, especially since their colors were red and blue, but it was very tricky placing these colors in just the right way. 



 I covered each area that had already been completed before started another, and the drying process took 24 hours, so this is not a quick project.  I would say that the entire process took almost a month.  I was always afraid that if I was not diligent about the 24 hours that the paint would bleed onto the paper and my entire project would be ruined.  I could not afford for that to happen. 

At last it was time to place the flowers, I had always had an idea of where I thought the flowers would look the best, and the Mother of the Groom agreed.  With the "R" painted red and blue, the white roses were just the thing to bring in all together and tone down the bright colors just enough.  

It's a shame it's not July!  

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